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I have never had to deal with a company with such HORRIBLE customer service and thinks that it is acceptable to LIE to their customers..... I ordered my daughter one for her birthday because she had been asking me for one over the last several months, I even paid for expedited processing and shipping which said 3-5 days.

I called on the 29th because it was showing it still had not been processed which meant it would not be here by her birthday party. The guy I talked to ASSURED me it had already been shipped so on the 30th I called back and spoke with someone named RINALDO (or something like that) who was RUDE and hung up on me because I told him that I wanted a tracking number, I called back and got the same rude person and when I asked for a supervisor he said no one was available. He told me it was shipped USPS and it takes 7-10 days after shipping to get to me so after saying MANY unladylike words to him I hung up. August 6 I call and was told guess what?

It HAS NOT been shipped and I would receive it in TWO to THREE weeks!!! He wanted to offer me a $5 discount and I laughed, that is hilarious... $5!!! So I then get a supervisor named CASPER on the phone who tells me that it was shipped on the 28th by UPS!

So did the post office hand it off to UPS? And of course he has no tracking number. I told him he must think I am *** because the minute any shipping company takes possession of your product you get a tracking number not AFTER its delivered!!!!! So I told him he had until Friday the 8th, which is WAAAAY generous of me and I was reversing the charge on my card and then he could personally explain to my daughter why she has no present STILL!!!!

On the 7th I get an email saying my order was being shipped that day via FEDEX!!! And it also had a tracking number. So Wait, I am confused because if it was shipped prior to the 29th via USPS, and then the supervisor swears up and down it was shipped via UPS on the 28th but the email says it is shipped on the 7th via FEDEX.....How does that work?I It is completely UNACCEPTABLE to LIE to your customers.

If it hasn't been sent the just say it wasn't sent! Now my daughter has had to wait nearly two weeks AFTER her birthday to get her gift!

Monetary Loss: $37.

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Oh! My!

Gosh! I'm so very sorry that you and your daughter had to endure such unacceptable customer service. I would probably reached through the phone and choked every last person who spoke to me in an unacceptable manner. I just don't know what's happening to our world today where people think that even a "little white lie is acceptable".

I haven't had the pleasure to talk to anyone at their corporate offices as of yet, but I'm so furious with them and their product that I could spit "Red Hot Nails, Seven Ways Too Sunday"!!

Yesterday was my twin Great Nieces First Birthday. My Daughter, my Husband, and myself wanted to give them a gift that was totally different from what we knew everyone else was going to bring. We didn't want to jump on the toy and clothes bandwagon.

While surfing the Internet I ran across these adorable tanks, and they were only $9.88 at Walmart. I thought this was perfect, especially since feeder goldfish are 12 for $2.00. My thought was to put 3 fish in each of the Teddy Tanks and then put the rest of them in an old fishbowl I had that was sitting in my closet and give them to the twins older brother. You would think that this would have been a great, easy idea.

Not so fast though. My daughter and I had no more than gotten the tanks set up and ready to take to the kids that I noticed that the fish in the Teddy Tanks weren't acting quite right. They were sitting on the bottom and then every so often shooting up and getting a gulp of air only to go back to the bottom again. So we grabbed the tanks and rushed back to the kitchen.

I scooped the fish out of their tanks and quickly put them in a bowl of clean water. At that point we had already lost 3 fish! I started to frantically re-clean the gravel, bowls, and decorations, hoping this would be all that was wrong (I had let my daughter clean all these items before and thought that maybe she just didn't get them clean. While I was cleaning the tanks the rest of the fish from the Teddy Tanks passed away.

So now I'm down to 4 living goldfish. So I put 1 fish in each of the Teddy Tanks for the Twins and that left 2 goldfish for their older brother. As we finish cleaning up and start getting the tanks all ready to go up the road to the Twins party, I notice ONCE AGAIN that the fish (remember that these fish were perfect just 2 minutes ago) were now showing the same symptoms!!! The fish in the glass goldfish bowl are still alive and well.

So, we just decided to give those two fish to the girls. Tomorrow I think we will be getting our money back from Walmart for the tanks and since the fish died within the 72 hour guarantee timeframe to get refunds, I guess I'll be having a chat with them too.

That is, unless Walmart either offers too or agrees to reimburse me for the dead fish. WISH ME LUCK!!!

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